September 30, 2019

Interview Preparation for Australia student visa

Interview is an integral part for the final decision for visa approval for most countries and helpful for those students who wants to study in Australia.

Delightful presentation and satisfying the queries of Visa Officer can be assured only if you have prepared for the interview in advance. Obviously the way you answer the questions asked by Visa Officer will determine the approval or rejection of your visa to Study in Australia.

On the basis of the past question asked to our students, we have provided the frequently asked questions and also tips on interview preparation for Australia student visa

Questions related to your authenticity


  1. How many universities did you receive acceptances from?
  2. What course have you applied for?
  3. Why have you chosen this particular course?
  4. Tell me a little about your course and subject.
  5. Why have you picked an Australian college/university?
  6. Can’t you do this course in your home country?
  7. How long will your course last?
  8. How will doing this course benefit you?
  9. When will the course begin?
  10. Why have you chosen a particular university?
  11. How did you find out about this university and its courses?
  12. Could you show me your TOEFL/IELTS results?
  13. Why your TOEFL/IELTS is score so low?
  14. What are your plans on completion of your degree/course of study in Australia?
  15. What are your job prospects on completion of your chosen course of study?
  16. What will you do on returning to your home country?
  17. How can you prove you will return to your home country after completing your course of study in Australia?
  18. Do you intend to work in Australia during or immediately after the completion of your course?
  19. Why should you be granted a student visa?
  20. Do you plan to continue studying in Australia after your present course ends?

Tips on answering with authenticity

Provide an honest answer to this question as the information can be verified by the case officer. You must do research on the website of the University you are going to Study in Australia. For example, Date of Establishment, where is it located, is there internship available or not.

You must also know about the course in details, credit hours to complete the course, why have you selected that specific course, and its outcome in future.

You must be prepared to give genuine and specific answer as why you have chosen Australia, that specific University you have applied for and yes of course the course that you are going to study (for example, a friend is currently studying and told me about it/I was researching courses teaching my chosen subject etc.).

Case Officer must be convinced that you are going to Australia for the further studies not for the settlement in Australia. You must have concrete plan for your future and give a sense of strong desire to return to your home country. It can be emotional one like family values & ties. Either way it must be emotional & logical one. Case Officer must not suspect that you’re going to reside or seek an employment in Australia.

Provide a concise but well-articulated response to the question why you should be granted for student visa. Prepare a list of points in your favor that demonstrate why you should be granted a student visa and how beneficial it will be to you as well as the college/university (for example, in the form of research done during your course.

Questions relating to finance

  1. How much does your course cost?
  2. How will you be paying for the course?
  3. How will you be paying for the course?
  4. What is the living cost in Australia per year?
  5. How much does your father earn annually?
  6. Could you tell me a little about your family background?
  7. What do your siblings do? Do they live with you?
  8. Do you have any outstanding loans?
  9. Who is sponsoring your education and stay in Australia?
  10. How many people are financially dependent on your sponsor?
  11. What are your sponsor’s source of income?
  12. Do you have proof that your sponsor can bear the cost of your expenses in Australia?
  13. Why is your uncle/brother/other relative sponsoring you instead your parents?
  14. How are you related to your sponsor?
  15. How will you finance your living expenses during the course of your study in Australia?

Tips to answer more appropriately

From these questions Case Officer wants to know how you/ sponsor will pay for your tuition fees & living expenses. They want to verify whether the provided financial documents are genuine or not.

Your response must be genuine enough that will make them believe in you and your financial statement. At the same time Case Officer must be convinced that you are financially sound to pay for tuition fees and meet the living expenses while you study in Australia.

So you must provide estimated salary of your sponsor/ parent’s salary/ earnings as per the provided statement which must be evident that there won’t be issue in paying for the cost of course. Beside you must also be prepared to answer the source of income of your sponsor/ parent’s. For example, it could be salary, family business, self-employed or owns property.

You must be aware and provide an accurate figure of the total cost of the course that you are going to Study in Australia.

And please make sure you know about the cost per month, per week of the city you are travelling to, including rent, transportation cost etc. For these information you can ask your friends or relatives who is Studying in Australia and if you don’t have friends or relatives you can visit Unicampus Global. We will be happy to help you out.

Spouse visa interview questions and answers for Australia

  1. When did you get married? (Family details, D.O.B. of both in Nepali and English)
  2. How do you know each other, each other’s’ hobbies, and interest?
  3. Tell something about your marriage, how many people came etc?
  4. Will your dependent go along with you? If yes, what will your dependent do over there? Job opportunities for your dependent while in Australia…
  5. What is his/her qualification?
  6. Sometime Personal Questions can be asked such as First Date incident, Color of the curtain in room etc.

These are the Australia interview questions & answers asked frequently but there can be variation which depends upon the mood of Case Officer. So it would be wise enough if you further visited educational consultancy to get more information on it. Or you can visit Unicampus Global and we would be much happy to satisfy your queries

This video can be useful for preparation of interview.