August 24, 2019

PTE Academic Test

PTE Academic is a computer-based academic English language test where you will need to attend a secure Pearson Test Center. Beside IELTS for the students who wants to Study in Australia can also give PTE Academic Test.

If you want to Study in Australia you can either choose PTE or IELTS, both have validity for the scores you have achieved in test.

The test are similar to IELTS test in which you have to do Reading, Writing, Listening and speaking test. Often it involves 2 skills together such as reading and speaking or listening and reading. You will have 3 hours test session and between reading and listening parts you will get 10 minute break. Altogether there will be twenty different question formats having variation of multiple choice, essay writing and interpreting information.

Since essay writing must be done in computer you must be used to computer otherwise IELTS is what you must prefer.

Even the speaking test is done at computer where your voice is recorded and sent for marking.

Another advantage of this test is result will be published quickly; in about 5 days.

Drawbacks of this test is that it is useful for the only students who wants to Study in Australia, if you want to study abroad in other countries then definitely PTE Academic test is not for you.

The PTE exam fee Standard price is USD$ 170.00 & Late Booking price is $212.50.

PTE exam dates can be taken at your will and as many times. Best is to get prepared well and only take dates for exam.

You can view PTE exam samples by going to this link and fill up the form-

You might also be interest in understanding the difference between IELTS & PTE, so you can be crystal clear and choose the test. And finally go abroad to Study in Australia.