August 23, 2019

IELTS and PTE Difference

Often students like you who is trying to Study in Australia get’s confused which test to give. So we have pointed the difference on IELTS and PTE so you can figure it out yourself and make the right choice.

1 The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a standardized Test jointly conducted by British Council, Cambridge English Language Assessment and IDP Education. The test was established in1989 to test and certify the proficiency of the non-native English speakers. The Pearson Test of English (PTE) was launched by Pearson in 2009 and thus is one of the latest entrants into the field of testing and certifying English language proficiency of non-native English speakers. The QCA and administered in association with Edexcel, UK’s largest examining body, accredits the PTE.
2 IELTS is a very popular English language proficiency test accepted by European, Australian and now even by most of the American universities too. The PTE test by Pearson is also getting wide recognition in universities across all regions and its test takers are also increasing in number.
3 IELTS have two common versions: Academic and General Training PTE has one additional version viz. Young Learners Test
4 IELTS assess 4 skills of language. PTE assess both communicative and enabling skills.
5 The Academic versions are meant for students planning for an admission into a university, whereas for non-academic purposes, the General versions of IELTS PTE certify one’s realistic communication skills. The Young Learner test of PTE measures the English language communication abilities of children.
6 Answers is done by Experts Assessment in PTE is solely done by software.
7 An IELTS examiner evaluates the speaking abilities of the candidates by making live conversation, which indeed is recorded in some recording device PTE, there is no live conversation and candidate has to speak to a microphone for getting recorded in a computerized system. A computer program than evaluates the speaking and rates the test taker.
8 The IELTS being completely paper based uses diagram, graph or chart for the writing section.  PTE is totally computer based and thus uses many innovative techniques to test writing capabilities of the candidate.
9 IELTS has set time for each paper, and candidates can move forwards and backwards PTE has section timings and can move forward only.
10 A 0-9 band is used in the manual scoring pattern of IELTS. PTE is based on complete automated scoring and grades a test taker in the band of 10-90
11 The IELTS Test Report Form is posted in 13 calendar days after the test. The PTE Academic scores are available online within five business days.
12 Exam dates can be booked before 13 days. In urgency, dates can be booked before 24 hrs. with certain extra charge.

You can get more details if you want by visiting the website in the provided link for IELTS- and for PTE

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