Study in Australia

Why study in Australia for Nepalese Students?

You probably think about its stunning beaches, warm sunny days, and remarkable holiday destination when you think about Australia, but it has much more than that to offer. Especially for international students, Australia is recognized as one of the most diverse and welcoming countries with a wide range of career options and courses to choose from. Australia is currently the third most popular international destination for international students and one of them is Nepal. Many international students choose to study in Australia due to its friendly, laid-back nature, excellent education system, and high standard of living. Every year, almost thousands of students travel to Australia for their higher education.

Here, we share various reasons for studying in Australia to make you ready to explore a cutting-edge Australian education.

1. Australia provides world-class education.

Australian institutions offer a wide range of courses and degrees so that international students can quickly find the best options and fields for them. Australia provides a genuinely world-class education and frequent features in global rankings Eight Australian universities ranked in the top 100 in the new QS World University Rankings, praised in areas such as academic reputation, employer reputation, and foreign student ratio. Several universities are also featured in the Times Higher Education Rankings and the Shanghai Jiao Tong Academic Ranking of World Universities.

2. Scholarships for International Students

Many institutions are providing a wide range of scholarships for international students on the basis of courses and universities. which can reduce your tuition fees by few margins and helps to save thousands of AUD. Their scholarship availability is for both students studying on-campus or studying online.

3. Cost of Living

The standard of living in Australia is amongst the highest in the world. Housing rates and tuition costs in Australia are significantly lower than in the United States and the United Kingdom. While studying, foreign students are willing to work part-time, helping them to cover their living costs.

4. Great work opportunities

In Australia, international students can work up to 40 hours a fortnight, which is a great opportunity for those who want to earn money to offset living expenses during their stay After graduation, students will have the ability to stay in Australia to work, taking advantage of the post-study work visa. There are also opportunities for graduates of accounting, information technology, and engineering degrees to gain experience and mentoring in an Australian workplace, such as the Professional Year Program (PYP).

5. Various course options

Study in Australia is a great choice for you—whether you want to be taught by the best or undertake your research. Over 22,000 high-quality courses and programs are offered in as many as 1,100 institutions


Document checklist

  • Academics documents (Transcript, Character, Provisional)-SLC/SEE to Latest Qualification
  • Passport
  • English Language Certificate (IELTS/PTE/ TOFEL)
  • SOP (optional)
  • Experience certificate (IF any)
  • CV (optional

Guidelines for Student processing

  • Take counseling in Unicampus with our Counselor
  • Apply to an institution and process your offer letter
  • Receive an offer letter
  • Take financial Counselling
  • Prepare for Interview and Sop
  • GTE processing
  • Pay tuition fee and get ECOE
  • Lodging your student visa
  • Biometrics and Medical

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