Welcome to UniCampus Global

Unicampus, a part of SoftEd Group is one of the oldest and established education consultancies in Nepal since 2001 A.D.

We assist students to pursue their higher education in many countries like Australia, USA, UK and Canada.

With the vision of preparing qualified human resource for the country by immersing them into high standard international education, we intend to lead Foreign Education Consultation through diversifying our service and expanding the institution beyond South Asia to become a globally trusted brand. We aim to create a niche for ourselves in the Foreign Education Consultation firmly aligning ourselves with our core values of Trust, Professional Service, Accountability and Support.

We Have the experts

Student Preference

Graphical representation of countries chosen by our Visa Granted students for abroad studies.

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[digee_skill skill_title=”USA” data_line_width=”10″ skill_persantage=”50″ fill_color=”#e6513a” empty_fill_color=”#f6f6f0″]

[digee_skill skill_title=”UK” data_line_width=”10″ skill_persantage=”45″ fill_color=”#5ab92b” empty_fill_color=”#f6f6f0″]

[digee_skill skill_title=”Canada” data_line_width=”10″ skill_persantage=”30″ fill_color=”#25c4f8″ empty_fill_color=”#f6f6f0″]