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About Managing Director

Mr. Bigyan Shrestha has wide knowledge in student recruitment and education services. Previously a software developer, he started career counseling since 2001 A.D. since the start of Unicampus Global. After 15 yrs of experience dealing with students, guardians, institutions and other related organizations, his leadership has transform Unicampus to Unicampus Global with mission of taking Unicampus brand to international level. He has also become the executive members of education consultancy associations which deals with the quality and compliances issues related to this education service industry. Mr. Shrestha is also a chairman of an education group in Nepal which holds some education providers delivering international education in Nepal which engages him in educating students and society of the importance of international education and qualification in the international arena for international job opportunities and career


Unicampus is a member of NAAER (Nepalese Association of Australian Education Representatives’). It is an association of quality education consultants primarily focused on Australian Education. (http://www.naaer.org)